You know you're in for an adventure when officialdom, in this
case the U.S. National Park Service, describes the road you're
about to travel on as "primitive."

And, from a road-builder's perspective, it surely is. But, from
a paddler's perspective, the lake at the end of the rocky road
is simply and profoundly "exquisite."

Bowman Lake is one of several long finger lakes that glaciers
carved as they sliced through the region now known as the
North Fork of the Flathead River.

Its shoreline is carpeted with ancient forests. Its campground
has the homey feel (complete with a "Campground Host") of
an earlier era. Its waters seem to stretch forever, with distant
and glorious mountains another paddle stroke, or two, or
more, away.
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Bowman Lake: The Call of the North Fork
A summer's day on Bowman Lake, a
remote eight-mile long finger lake
tucked away in Glacier Park's North
Fork region.