You'll need to work for this Peace Park Paddle, but it's worth
the effort.

This is the one featured paddle where you won't be able to
drive to lake's edge to put in your craft. You'll also need to
have your own boat, as the rental concession at Swiftcurrent
Lake won't allow you to take their boats this far.

Now that the disclaimers are out of the way, you should know
this: the chance to get an up close view of Mount Gould's
chiseled glory is worth the effort. Plus the fact that you're
likely to be the only paddler on the lake, and you have a
Peace Park Paddle that could become your favorite.

Begin by putting in at Swiftcurrent Lake's public boat ramp.
Paddle for about fifteen minutes until you reach the point
where Cataract Creek runs under a footbridge that carries the
Swiftcurrent Lake Trail across the water. You'll then have the
choice of walking your boat under the footbridge, or carrying
your boat onto the bank and around the footbridge.

As you proceed, you'll likely need to get out of your boat
again as Cataract Creek becomes shallow at several points,
gurgling over shallow gravelly bars that will limit your ability
to paddle. But when you overcome these obstructions, you'll
move into the inelegantly, but aptly, named Stump Lake,
which leads to a narrow channel that ends (with perhaps
another round of walking your boat over gravelly bars) with an
entrance into the jaw-dropping majesty of Lake Josephine.
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