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Peace Park Paddles
Canoeing & Kayaking
Waterton-Glacier International Peace Park
Trip Planning Tools and Tips
Arriving at the Peace Park (in this
case, Glacier Park's West Entrance)
provides a sense of accomplishment
and anticipation.
Here's a link to the Peace
official map.
Unless you are fortunate to live in southern Alberta or northwest
Montana, a trip to Waterton-Glacier International Peace Park requires
careful preparation and long-distance travel.

Remoteness is what makes the Peace Park so special. But that
remoteness also means you should invest time to plan and prepare your
visit to safely enjoy and make the best use of your available time.

Two excellent tools for planning your trip are the web sites for
Lakes National Park and Glacier National Park . These will introduce you
to park fees and guidelines, and will help you understand your options
for lodging and camping within park boundaries.

Some words of advice: the Peace Park is an immense wonderland with
more to see and do than can fit into a typical one-week vacation.
Sometimes the best thing to do is to pick one portion of the park and
settle into its rhythm. A sizable portion of the Park's visitors return year
after year, incrementally expanding their knowledge of the park's
charms, each year seeing a bit more, learning a bit more, relaxing a lot

Four of these Peace Park Paddles (Waterton's Cameron Lake; Glacier's
Swiftcurrent Lake, Two Medicine Lake and Lake McDonald) have
convenient boat rental concessions at lake's edge. There are other local
rental options outside the park boundaries if you want to explore remote
Peace Park Paddles such as Bowman Lake or Kintla Lake.

The advantage of bringing your boat is that you will have freedom to
explore these Peace Park Paddles on your own schedule. Another
Advantage (and my fellow Wenonah owners will get the pun) lies in the
fact that your own craft is likely to be more efficient for paddling
lake-length distances than some of the rental equipment.

The bottom line? If you are a serious paddler who wants to explore all
of these Peace Park Paddles, bring your own boat. If you are a visitor
who hasn't paddled in years (or ever), ease into the Peace Park Paddles
experience by renting a canoe at lakeside from the friendly folks who
have gently launched thousands of paddlers.
"Do I need to bring my own canoe or kayak?"