The silence at Two Medicine Lake will thunder in your ears.

Two Medicine Lake is the Peace Park Paddle with the most palpable sense
of something stretching well beyond our earthly ways.The Blackfeet (whose
reservation lies just east of here, and whose land at one time included the
lake) have long regarded this as a sacred site.

It won't take you long to agree.

Set on the southern edge of the east side of Glacier National Park, Two
Medicine Lake is steeped in the history of the Blackfeet. Mountains named
Sinopah, Never Laughs and Rising Wolf are a primer in the legend and lore
of this stunning piece of earth.

A piece of earth marked by whistling winds, twisted trees and sacred silence.
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A view from the rivulet connecting Pray Lake and Two Medicine Lake
Two Medicine Lake: Paddling In Sinopah's Shadow